should i always update the drives to the most recent ones? or should i hold out on updating until a need comes for it?

and so you know, i'm thinking if it ant broke don't fix it. fixing things that didn't need fixing in the past really screwed me over quite a few times.

so im wondering if i should update the moment they come out and i know they are good, or should i wait until a problem comes up?
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  1. My HD4850 is still use the older driver (9.7), i never update it with the latest one.
    I just don't want to mess up with driver. :D

    As long as your VGA is great for gaming or anything else, then don't worry about that.
    Sometime, the recent driver is not always stable.

    Well, that's just me. :)
  2. what can drivers actually improve? aside from stability issues.
    and is there some place that can tell me what the most stable drivers are? im getting 5770 tuesday, and would love to know.
  3. Newer drivers usually improve performance slightly, especially on newer cards, but only a few percent increase. Get your drivers from the amd website.
  4. lets say from when the 5770 came out to now, how much of an increase performance wise are we looking at?
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