Overclocking Phenom x6 1090t

Hey Guys, Here are my pc specs -
AMD Phenom x6 1090t
12 gig Corsair 1333mhz ram
Zotac GTX 670 amp! Edition 2GB
Corsair VS650 PSU

I just Upgraded to the gtx 670, unfortunately the performance increase compared to my old HD 5870 isnt a lot. The gtx 670 amp! isnt performing the way it should and the temps go upto 90 degrees at full load while playing games like Farcry 3 etc. My cpu is at stock frequency and the cabinet has stock cooling. Is my CPU bottlenecking my gfx card? If yes then will overclocking it and putting a liquid cooler like H80 help increase/stabilize my fps on high end games running full spec? Also, will it make a huge difference if i combine the same card with a CPU like 3770k?

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  1. phenom x6 1090t shouldnt be that big of a bottleneck, and is the fan of your gtx 670 going up when temp is going up or staying at 20-30%?


    you should get 1,5-2x fps increase in games

    edit : download furmark and run the test for 10-20 mins and post the temps and fan speeds here
  2. Hey, Thanks for replying.
    Did you mean 1.5 or twice as much fps? I get between 30-60 at FC3, will i get 60+ consistently with 3770k?
    I ran furmark, in 8 mins my GPU fan speed was 92% and GPU temp got to 98%, i got scared and stopped the test. Avg fps was 47, i ran the burn in benchmark 1920x1080 test.

    Is it a cabinet cooling problem? Im on a dell XPS 7100 cabinet, upgraded everything else dell gave tho.
  3. try the furmark preset 720p and tell me what fps you get, my hd5850 gets 54 fps with slight OC

    edit : that case's airflow doesnt seem that good, ( correct me if im wrong ) but it seems that you have only 80mm fan, gpu and the PSU blowing air out of the case.

    you should get a case with fan on the front for intake + preferably side fan blowing air into the mobo, top exhaust and rear exhaust
  4. I got 75 fps as average, temp went up to 73 degrees in this 60 second test.
    SCORE:4550 points (75 FPS, 60000 ms)
    I dont know how good the score is,all i know is that i bought this card for FC3 and i cant even get 60 fps consistently with ultra settings and 4x AA @ 1080p :(
    Does water cooling the cpu help with the fps?
  5. no water cooling doesn't help your fps but it does keep the cpu cooler, you need to turn your settings down and achieve a balance between highest settings and acceptable fps
    if you list the settings you are using for FC3 we will be able to get you higher fps, if you only want to use preset settings then drop it to high but this may not drop the right settings for you
  6. Im on 4x AA, Rest everything else is at max possible setting.
    My other question was does a good CPU help increase the fps? Will i get better fps with the same card and the same settings on a CPU like the 3770k?
  7. if you turn off ambiant occlusion you will gain a fair amount of fps and help it stay stable, you don't need a 3770k to play games, I'm sure a 3570k will increase your fps a bit but enough to justify the cost? only you can answer that
  8. To be honest, spending a lil bit isnt that much of an issue. If the difference between my 1090t and 3570k + z77 mobo is considerable then i will upgrade. If its doesn increase the fps but helps stabilize it, ill still go for it. Im just trying to prepare my comp for gta5, crysis 3 etc.
  9. dronbana i suggest you wait for intels haswell, its 10% faster than present ivy bridges
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