Selling system for ps3 setup

welp, im tired of devs not making any good games for PC, im tired of the crap MP community in PC gaming so i'm thinking of selling my rig and buying a PS3 and big screen tv. Let me know what yall think its worth.

i7 920- thermaltake ultra 120 black
foxconn renaissance motherboard
6G corsair xms3 ddr3 1066
4850x2-one vf900
corsair 850W stryder
antec 1200
samnsung 2232bw syncmaster
nostromo n52te
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  1. It's only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. I'd pay about $700 for everything, assuming it doesn't have an OS or HDD. That's probably low, but I have no idea how old it is. A general formula (which I'm not a big fan of) is that you add the current cost of every part separately, multiple it by 80% and subtract 10%for every 3 moths (might be 6). So I'm assuming it's at least 6 months old.

    The problem you're going to have with selling it as an entire build is that most of it's either old technology (the 4850 was replaced by the 5750/5770, the 920 was replaced by the 930), low quality (Foxconn, Thermaltake HSF) or low performing (1066 mhz DDR3).

    I would recommend parting out the pieces instead of selling it prebuilt. You could likely get $200 for the CPU, $100 for the case, $100 (maybe as I'm not sure about the market for used PSUs) for the PSU, $150ish for the GPUs, $100 (maybe, I'm not sure what the current price would be) for the monitor, and RAM (I'm not sure on what to guess). That would get you something like $750-800, but would likely sell quicker.
  2. I don't quite get which bad games you mean..
    - I am addicted to mass effect 2 (PC version) right now.
    - Yes, CnC 4 is disappointing, but Starcraft 2 will be there soon.
    - Assassins creed 2 is also quite good, yes, it has also the DRM problem, but quite good.
    - Dragon age origins and the new expansion are cool.
    - King's bounty : armoured princess is also quite good.
    - Supreme commander 2 (altough it is not a good as the first one) is also good.
    You have plenty of options of games, can also use PC for lots more stuff.. Video editing, programming, CAD-drawing office work, etc.
    Gaming PC is actually an all in one machine.

    PS3 can only be used for gaming and watching blue-ray film, that is it, no other usage.

    Just keep your PC and buy the PS3 and the TV if you still like them.
    I too have a TV and PS2 beside my gaming PC.
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