Okay so I just set up my new system....

I have a 64GB crucial m4 so I do not have a ton of space. All I want is the OS, Diablo 3 and internet on there. I have the OS installed and now I need to activate my hdd. My friend told me to go into administrative tools and to create "new simple volume" where my 1tb Western Digital is. the drive shows up but "create new simple volume" is in grey text so I cannot click it. All I want to do is start saving things like programs I wont use that much and music to my hdd so I can save my ssd for Diablo 3. Thanks

edit: so right now in 'disk manager' the hdd shows up as unallocated. It needs to be allocated I guess in order to work. But I can't seem to figure it out.
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  1. Create a new partition, the full size of the HDD, and then format it to ntfs. Or make the partition a smaller size if you want to later add other partitions. You first need to click on the drive name to highlight it before performing any actions upon it.
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    Is it a new blank drive?

    Go into a command prompt (run "cmd") and run DISKPART. Input LIST DISKS and see if the HDD is offline.

    If the drive is new, input SELECT DISK 1 (if that's it), and run CLEAN, and see if that does anything differnet when you do a LIST DISK again.

    Then go back to Disk Management, and see if it automatically recongnizes it, to allocate it, create an MBR, and lets you partition and format it.
  3. I got it sorry guys. I just needed to initialize disk. and then create new volume through disk management. Question though....

    I still do not know how to select the drive to install certain things. I just downloaded a program and I thought it would ask me WHICH drive I would like to install it on. But it didn't, it just went right ahead and installed it on my SSD.
  4. Choose the custom install option. Some program installers have an un-labeled button next to the folder path which will allow you to navigate to the desired folder. It's a good idea to create a new folder with the program name, because some installers don't create a new folder for their application's contents. And almost all installers will add some pieces inside your SSD (start menu, dll's, etc.).
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