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i wana do the water cooling part of clocking now and all i wana know is if i use a pump that pumps 750 lph will it be ok if i put three radiators and i Reservoir on it and a cpu block and two gpu blocks will it be ok to pump throw all that in a full tower with the pump being on the top of the case and the Reservoir on the bottom??????? i will be using these conponents:XSPC X2O 750 Dual 5.25” Bay Reservoir Pump,XSPC AX360 Triple Fan Radiator ,2xXSPC AX240 Dual Fan Radiator (Black),ICS Extreme Flange Reservoir - Black with a Silver Kill Coil in it,2xZalman ZM-GWB8800 GTS VGA Waterblock,XSPC RayStorm CPU WaterBlock (Intel),and there will be dhark fans on the radiators..
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  1. Hi,

    That's quite a large loop you have planned, the XSPC pump might be ok but I'd feel much more comfortable with a D5 vario.

    ALWAYS have the res before/above the pump! Never run the pump dry.
  2. thanks so it will work cz this is only the begining will add and take off will have to get a nother pump
  3. This all really depends what you are getting and what you are cooling. Can you list that?
  4. i am gng to be cooling 2x8800gtxs and a intel quad core
  5. i am gng to be cooling 2x8800gtxs and a intel quad core
  6. If I were you I'd sell the 8800GTX's and put that money and the money you would have spent on waterblocks for them on a better single card, something like a HD7850 or better.
  7. lol the thing is i am borrowing the one and the other one ya lol haven't went to get it yet lol but the one has a ek cooling block on hay
  8. and i play bf3 in comps so ya
  9. You do realize that the pump you listed is already contained within a reservoir. You can have two but there isn't really a need for two.

    Why don't you get slightly cheaper rads and get a better pump with the savings?

    FYI, you can calculate if any pump will be sufficient for a planned loop, it's all about calculating flow restriction. It's best to do the calculations yourself rather than blindly trust someones answer.
  10. ok kwl tnx hay bt i dont know how to do the calculateion
  11. The sticky knows all or it will lead you where you need to go...
  12. kwl tnx man
  13. No problem.
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