Game to push my card

i want to push my graphics card as much as i can to see if i have the power to run the card, so i need a game that will push it to 100% of a realistic in game scenario.

for out of game im going to use furmark. but i need something in game.

is the crysis demo still the best way to go for that?
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  1. first off, time. it takes time to find a good torrent.
    second, demos are far smaller, and usually hosted on servers that can guarente high down rates.
    third, i don't like pirating if there is ever another option
    forth, why would i admit to pirating on a forum that seems like they would look down on pirating.

    and lastly, i dont like getting letters from company complaining i pirated something, what ever i do pirate, i make damn sure the thing im getting is worth a worst case scenario.
  2. i have already had to spend so much money on *** i never wanted to pay for. for the next 4-6 months i have next to no money to spend, than my stocks will pay out there dividends and ill have a few hundred to play with again.
  3. my original question was is crysis still the best game to use for stressing my graphics card in a realistic game setting.

    from what i remember, crysis had problems, that the fans of the game re wrote some code for, and with there code the game not only looked better, but used less system resources to boot.

    because of that i was wondering if there was a better option to go with than crysis.
  4. Crysis is definitely still the best one. Textures may be a bit lower-res than current-gen games in some cases, but in terms of overall complexity this thing will stress your GPU and probably your CPU. I've seen someone playing Crysis with dual Radeon 5970s and still hitting 40 FPS in some areas.

    And if you want to use Crysis as an actual game instead of a way to test your system, it's good for that too. The gameplay for the original Crysis is pretty amazing and will keep you playing for hours. I've been playing through the story mode on easy for the past 3 days, almost non-stop and I'm still not done. After you're done with the game, you can download patch 1.2.1 and begin to play the modded levels that others have made. On Crymod there are over 400 maps that you can download and play.
  5. Quote:
    so just download a torrent and its super easy to find a good one btw. OR a demo.

    Suggesting or advising piracy will buy you a permanent holiday, you have been warned.
  6. to be honest, crysis is one of those games you buy because you want to see how good your system can run.

    over all, its a decent fps, and if you are a big fan of fps games, than you cant go wrong with it. however im not a big fps fan. ill play the really good ones, but beyond that...

    and if i can play a game at native resolution (1920x1200) i dont use aa or anything like it. because the only times i ever notice the jaggies is in screenshots that point LOOK HERE, other wise in game and moving i never notice them.

    now im curious, how many cores was crysis built to take advantage of?
  7. Quote:
    lol its not you losing money. Its crytec so why care?

    I care because it's against the rules of the forum, rules that you agreed to abide by when you signed up for an account allowing you to post here and as such it's non negotiable.

  8. Let me help you with that Mousemonkey.
  9. Aside from Crysis, a game like World in Conflict could be a good way to kinda get a benchmark for your system. (It's also an excellent game). Granted, it might not push it like Crysis would, but it's used as a benchmark game for a reason.
  10. strangestranger said:

    Let me help you with that Mousemonkey.

    Don't worry mate, if warnings aren't heeded then I shall start swinging mine about a bit more. :lol:
  11. Quote:
    so im getting banned :S ?

    If you continue to advocate piracy then you would leave me no choice. If you are that unsure about what is acceptable and what isn't then read this:-
  12. If you want an overall "torture test" for your entire puter, check out OCCT.....Run the CPU, Memory, GPU and PSU tests if you wanna see if whole machine is "up to snuff".

    Note....GPU test is not as "fun" to watch as Crysis
  13. There's always 3DMark Vantage ^^
  14. Mousemonkey said:
    Suggesting or advising piracy will buy you a permanent holiday, you have been warned.

    He does it in every thread... I'm gonna start collecting them and posting links of them here.

    Anyways, Download Futuremark, or the Crysis demo. Or Prime 95 if you want to check system stability.
  15. builderbobftw said:
    He does it in every thread... I'm gonna start collecting them and posting links of them here.

    No, just hit the report button and either myself or a less lenient mod will take from there.
  16. All, Right. I'll do it in the future.

    Less lenient mod? What? Who?

  17. Why are you wondering if you have enough power to run the card? What card is it, what is your PSU specs, and what is the rest of your system's specs?
  18. 5770.
    ati tells me that my psu cant handle it
    the card manufacturer tell me my psu id good enough

    its 50/50 now

    now i go places and they suggest no less than a 40amp psu for the card,
    other places i go, yell me that im fin even with a 500watt generic psu, but than the system the guy tested the card in was a 1000watt modular.

    no matter how hard i try i cant shake the feeling that its going to fail miserably in my system. and i wont even be 100% sure untill i test the card out on something like furmark, by the way, how long should i run the furmark bench? if anyone knows.
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