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  1. If the fitting and tubing sizes are correct, yes. You will need a pump...you don't have one listed.

    You can find similar components for less money, as well.
  2. Actually Rubix, he'll need two pumps, that res can't be used with only one pump, theres a note further down,
    I've noticed a few threads lately where folks have chosen that style of res but not noticed the lack of a pump hehe
  3. You forgot a radiator...also I would use nipple nozzles
  4. He has a 240 rad listed,
    and nipple nozzles? you mean regular barb fittings? its either or tbh, no real difference between the two types other than aesthetics
  5. I was mainly pointing out that the reservoir listed is a dual D5 res, but DOES NOT COME WITH A PUMP (or 2).

  6. :P
    I didn't want him buying a single pump then finding out he needed two
  7. At this point, he has zero.
  8. True dat, but he has us to keep him right hehe
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