What could make my pc slow ?

Hello fellas..

Thanks for reading this post , and here is my problem.
I play Battlefield Bad company 2 on my pc ..
Im playing with Medium Quality and 1680x... Resolution.
When ever i put it on high i can feel that its slow alittlebit and unplayable as it is FPS game ... u must be faster than others to really success in FPS.
Also its noticeable while playing at medium when i face the "World" like Mountains ,Houses , players, and tanks etc... at once..

I did try to play with 2 screens , one showing my Task manager which shows cpu,hd,memory usage ... to see the trafic and to specify which one of them get at full load .. as i saw it was my cpu which was on 90-100% usage , memory was on about 60-80% ... but i got a good cpu which should run it smoothly as i guess..

Any suggestion ... ?

Computer specs :

Gigabyte ‏EP45-UD3P Mobo.
Intel Quad core Q9550
2X2GB Corsair Dominator TwinX CL5 Dual channel with a fan on them.
Sapphire Radeon HD4870X2 2GB Graphic card (Not Crossfire).
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Western Digital ‏Caviar Blue 640GB 7200RPM, 16MB, SATA II HD.

I guess this specs's good enough for this game also with Full Resolution and Quality...

Could it be that im Playing with 1680x... Resolution and not 1920x... ? tho, im not sure .

I would appreciate any help, Thanks.
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  1. High graphics setting increase the load on the CPU and the GPU. More things happening during the game also increase the system load.

    With a CPU load of 90% - 100%, the CPU is clearly what is limiting your performance. Are you overclocking?

    And playing at 19 X 12 will increase the problem.
  2. This is odd, i'm using a q6600@3.6ghz and a 8800gts 512mb and play with mostly max settings other then occlusion and shadows. Also no AA. But i get 40+ FPS at 1920x1080.

    This game plays comfortably with a dualcore, i tested by disabled two cores and checking fps. But it does gain from having more processing power.

    All i can say is crank everything, but un-check HSAO, turn AA off, and lower shadows to medium/low and see how that is.

    Here's my exact settings for BFBC2;

    The settings file is located under C:\Users\*Your Username*\My Documents\BFBC2 It's called settings.ini This is under Win7, should be the same for Vista/XP.

    Make sure you have the latest drivers as well. You could also try enabling Crossfire.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Well , Thanks for your help ... i will try your config and see how it goes..
    But other thing is ,
    no im not overclocking , i did try to overclock since its my cpu as i noticed ...
    But im missing something here ...
    i overclocked my cpu to 3.4Ghz , but i had a problem with Temps
    i had 70-80C* on all cores on full load ...
    i have http://www.kompiuterstore.com/product_info.php?cPath=1_17_204&products_id=1149&osCsid=4a2552558d9e133dd7cb45658ecb7514 Cooler which i bought .. it should be enough for overclocking right ? and hell im not interested in Watercooling .. very expensive ...

    But notice that before i tried to overclock .. i removed my cpu cooler and did apply the Thermal grase thing above the old one .. i didnt clean it ...

    Could it be the problem or the cooler it self isnt good ?... and would be pleasured if u could advice me a good cpu cooler which could get my cpu -50C or something at full load and OCed to 3.4

  4. I'm thinking there is an issue. My buddy is. Pretty playable on a GTX 260 216 on a Q6600 @ 3.2, which isn't far from what you have CPU wise.

    Is your 4870x2 running right? Have you tried a 3dmark to compare to similar systems?

    BFBC2 is pretty CPU dependent so a lot of CPU usage should be normal, however with a 4870X2 I'd look into overclocking, there may be some bottlenecking there.

    Also, BFBC2 is quite demanding in DX10. Try changing to option "DxVersion=Auto" to "DxVersion=9" and see if that helps.
  5. I'd look into re-seating the CPU and cleaning off the old thermal compound this time before applying the new stuff. :)

    The Q9550 is very overclockable (mine got 4ghz on AIR and stays around 60-65c on the cores while stress testing). If your cooler isn't seeming up to par it could be worth upgrading to keep up with that 4870X2.
  6. For sure its bottlenecking the CPU. 4870 X 2 is damn good you should be able to max it out with that GPU if there is no issues or bottlenecking going on. With one 4870 and an X4 940 @ 3.5 GHz I can max out most games except Crysis which I play on all high settings....I don't know how that CPU compares to yours, just saying
  7. His setup is like mine, 4870X2 instead of a 4890, and a Q9550 instead of a QX9650.

    BC2 does eat a lot of resources though; I'd check temps.
  8. It is not the cpu that's bottlenecking anything. I have the exact same cpu running stockspeed (Q9550). 8Gigs of memory, 1x GTX260 core216 in SLI with a 8800GT dedicated for PhysX.

    I run the game (BFBC2) as follows:


    My average framerate is 56, with 36 as minimum and 60 as max (because of V-sync on a 60 Hz monitor)

    My cpu never gets above 70% workload per core running the game, sooo there is definately something wrong with the system in question.
  9. Definitely sounds like a heat issue whether it be the GPU, CPU or Motherboard something is overheating. Another thing it could be is your PSU when a PSU is starting to go it might not be pushing enough power out for your GPU or CPU and its hurting performance.

    What power supply do you have?
  10. Do these things, and you WILL see a difference in performance:

    Turn off anti-aliasing, or set it to the lowest setting. You won't notice any difference in graphics really.

    Turn off shadows and shadowing.

    Download CCleaner. Run what is under "Cleaner" and "Registery" then go down to the 3rd tab and look up startup programs. Take off what you don't NEED to be on during startup. Also, anti virus programs are a load.. If you're gaming and only gaming, then maybe unload those aswell. Or any type of scanner.

    Download Mydefrag, run the monthly maintenance. This will take about 2-10 hours.

    Do these 4 things in that order, reboot your PC, and enjoy brand new performance once again.
  11. As mentioned by Lucuis earlier - turn of HSAO in the .ini file or ingame

    HSAO punishes the gfxcard much more than AA, and the difference is not as notable IMO.

    Also set the "render ahead limit" to 0 - this should take some stress of your cpu, though I'll repeat what I said earlier - I'm confident that your CPU is NOT the problem, unless it's overheating or crippled by slow ram-settings etc.
  12. Thanks guys for your advices ...
    I wasnt home the past two days , im getting back today ...

    I will try the Config and reaply the thermal grase also will try to use ccleaner and every thing u have mentioned , we will see how it goes ,
    i will reply back , and about the Temps , i get around 60-65C* Full load on cpu ,
    GFX around 70-82C* Full load...
    About the northbridge .. i bought a fan for it ..
    and its around 40-50c* which shows me in HWmonitor ... i guess its the NB because its not writin as its the NB temp , as i remmber its the SYS or something ....

    And about my PSU , its Thermaltake ‏ToughPower W0116 750W PFC (24pin) its enough , isnt it ?

  13. Those temps are fine, try the 4 things I listed before you start messing with the hardware. You could make things worse unless you're sure of what you're doing.
  14. If I can max BC2 on my 4890/QX9650, he should have no trouble with a 4870X2 and Q9550. The only thing I can think of is the game scaling badly on the X2...
  15. Wierd .. it seems to be normal performance ...

    First of all .. I cleaned my Pc with CCleaner , Registery , Trash files , and Startup programs ...
    then I did try the Configs which listed below and seems it work good.....

    i also Maxed EVERYTHING and was good enough ...
    But i did the tests on my HP 32inch LCD FULLHD to get it run at 1920x1080 ...
    Because i dont use it usually for gaming , its on my Desk , not good for my eye :O
    i use Samsung SyncMaster T200 which max res is 1,680 x 1,050 , does it count as the "Bad hardware which make it slow " or its the Trash and startup i did which got my game better ? But there wasnt many on startup to really depend on as its was the problem ...

    and i tested my Computer with 3dMark06 i got a score of 15077
    SM2.0 Score : 5838
    HDR/SM3.0 Score : 7147
    CPU : 4302

    is it good for non OCed computer ? or there is a problem with the scores ?

  16. mmmm ,
    I did the test with 3dMark06 with MAX settings
    Resolution: 1920x1080
    Full Screen Anti-Aliasing: 8 Sample AA
    Texture Filtering: Bilinear
    Vertex Shader Profile: 3_0
    Pixel Shader Profile: 3_0
    Force Full Precision: Yes
    Force Software FP Filtering: Yes
    Disable Harware Shadow Mapping: No
  17. What's your score with default settings? That is the score most people go off of.

    Are you saying its working better now?
  18. default settings is alittle bit lower .. but about 22 points .. so its on 15k
    btw , i did remove my GPU Cooler before 1 week .. and got it back without reaplying new thermal grase..... i still get same temps... so its seems normal, right ?
    and yes its better i guess ... i just want to reaply the thermal grase on the cpu and test again ...
    and i will check the Temperatures ...

    with the 3dMark06 my cpu and gpu should be at full load right ? to be sure what's the max temp ...
  19. Good programs to check your full load temperatures are Furmark(GPU) and Prime95(CPU). Not sure if 3dmark will run both to full load or not. Max temp for CPU is 72c, max temp for your GPU is going to be upwards of 100c.

    When you lower to default settings (1280x1024 1xAA, I believe) your score should get higher. I have 4890 crossfire at home, I can lower my Q9550 to stock and do some comparisons on default settings.
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