Okay i am just about to go crazy with my computer... i have oc'd my unlocked 960t to 4.1ghz and my vcore is 1.45v, and it is a stable overclock BUT as soon as my temps go over 49c my multiplier drops to 4x!!!!! and i have kraken x60 cooler so my cooling is not the problem. i think that it may be load line calibration but i need that enabled to get my volts stable, and my overclock.... I have tried everything, i have updated my bios downgraded to ones that supposedly fixed my problem BUT NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!!

Mobo: M4a87td/ EVO
CPU: 960t x6
RAM: team xtreme dark 1600 mhz
psu: Antec earthwatts 650W
GFX: GTX 570/ HD 6850
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  1. Hi,

    Do you have a thermal limit set in the BIOS?
  2. No I do not. I have everything set to manual also...
  3. There's a reason why AMD had locked your chip, this might the reason why.

    Don't go as high as 4.1ghz.
  4. I can go higher than 4.1 stable but the only reason I don't is because it will down clock @50c... The max temp for this CPU is 62c and it won't even hit 55c before downclocking. Do I just have a defective mobo? Because I did buy it as open box....
  5. Bump
  6. I think it''s most likely an issue with the CPU, it's quite common for phenoms to get flaky at around 55C.
    I could be wrong but from what I've read, that would be my guess.
  7. I did a lot more research and I think it is my Mosfets getting far to hot.. Which is not good.
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