Gigabyte ga ma78gm s2h motherboard

ok i get this bored at a yard sell for $5 and it had the cpu and fan but no ram or power supply so i thought ok its probably dead but since i only have on power supply that would fit this was a small 250watt which actually worked i was very happy thanking that wow i got a deal BUTTTT my party was pooped on when i was looking at the bios and all of sudden the screen went black and made a burning smell and of course it would not turn back on i looked at the bored to find a black spot or something but nope so is there any hope or something i can do or tell me what i did wrong thx!! :D :D :D
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  1. Probably buying the board lol?

    Seriously, about all you can do is try a different power supply before you put the board in the trash.
  2. ok ill try that thanks for the reply :D i only payed 5 bucks anyways lol
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