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I've been running a 4.2ghz overclock on my 6100 for a while and it's not quite doing it for the game Planetside 2. So I've been wanting to push it a bit further but I've hit a snag.

My motherboard, Biostar TA99FXE, has a dual digit POST/Temperature readout that I use to check my temps at a glance. The problem is in bios under the temp section it shows a much higher temperature, 10-12c, than what's shown in the digital readout.

To simplify it... My system idles at 19-21c according to the mobo readout, software says idle is 11-14c with intermittent jumps to 20s, bios reports idle of 29-30c.

Which of these numbers do I trust? I obviously can't see the bios temperature report in the OS so do I just take the number I'm given by the other sources and add the difference onto it?

Thanks to whoever can help clear this up for me.

Btw, this is the system that was featured here if you want any more hardware info: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/fx-overclock-crossfire-ssd,3098.html
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  1. Hi,

    Well if your ambient temp is 19-12C then your CPU temp is obviously not 11-14C (unless your using some exotic cooling method).

    I would suggest that the software is failing to correctly read the temp from the CPU's temp sensors and that the BIOS readout is correct.

    What are your load temps like in windows?
  2. With 5 passes of IBT it gets to a max of 40c according to Coretemp/HWMonitor. Is that number trustworthy? Since at idle it seems to have a 10c offset according to the bios, would it be smart to read that as 50c instead of 40c?

    Planetside 2 with it's minimal threading capability and added video card heat in the case only manages a max of 32c in Coretemp.
  3. It's hard to say for sure, someone else had a similar problem recently and their idle temps were incorrect but their load temps seemed to match up with what other people were getting.
    It's actually quite hard to find a review of a FX 6100 with load temp figures, also you have an overclock on and we don't know what cooler or case your using, even if I did I still couldn't tell you if 40C is accurate.

    If I were you I'd play it save and add 10C to your load temps.
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