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I have just bought a case from a friend of mine and i realized that the case dose not have the standoff "bumps" as the store bought PC i own now. i was wondering if the rise is needed and if so where can i get standoffs? i'm looking to get this MoBo, Gigabyte Socket AM3/AMD 880G from amazon with AMD Phenom II X6 as the CPU. the case is a mid-case i believe. any suggestions.
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    Google "motherboard standoffs" and select your favorite vendor from the list that will appear. Here's one:
  2. Thank you...just being certain on this because this is my first big build and do not want to mess anything up by frying the red rings go under the standoff or on top to touch the board?
  3. Dunno actually - never used them. The standoffs are actually conductors that ensure your mobo is grounded to the case ONLY where its safe to do so. it would not be safe to, eg, lay the mobo directly on the metal tray and screw it down.
  4. so the standoff are only there to make a ground. as long as the motherboard is connected to those and not just the tray it will be ok, right?
  5. Small but important correction . . . they are there not only to make the right grounds, but to avoid all other ground connections. Like those trace lines on the back of your mobo - touching the tray is a no-no. (FYI there are also other grounds . . . the wires you will connect contain grounds, the pop-in back plate grounds the mobo's connectors to the case, etc.)

    To your question: Yes.
  6. is there a certain hole to put the standoffs in for the grounds or as long as the mobo has no buses touching the tray ill be good.
  7. The standoffs go into the holes in the tray such that they match the (screw) holes in the motherboard. You then place the mobo on the standoffs, and insert screws.
  8. OK, thanks for all the help. will send you a pic and spec of the PC when it s complete ^-^. Thanks again for all the help.
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