3TB Drive Showing as only 746.4GB

I have installed Windows Server 2011 onto my system which has 3 hard drives. 500Gb, 2TB and a 3TB. When I view the size it shows the 3TB as being 746.4GB. I have installed the latest firmware from Seagate (It's a Barracuda) but nothing has changed. Can you help?

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    Either mobo/BIOS compatibility issue with 3TB or the drive wasn't formatted with a GPT (was formatted with an MBR).

    Verify that the drive was initialized properly (with a GPT) in the storage manager. If it was, then let us know the mobo/system make and model and we can help further.
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  3. Thanks, it was formatted with MBR, formatted with GPT and is now sorted

  4. Glad it was sorted so easily for you. Enjoy! :)
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