Will HD 5850 work good with cpu e 7500 2.93 GHz

I dont know what is better for my CPU HD 5770 or HD 5850 , i want more 5850 cause its much more powerfull and can work better with dx11 applications what will appear , but i dont know if my cpu can hold it good , also what overclock should i do ? my mother board is ASRock P5B Pro , till how many GHz i can overclock it? 3.6GHz , less; more ?also i have 2 gb ram (in 1-2 months i'll put 4 gb) help me please!!!
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  1. Well between 5770 and 5850 definitely go for 5850.
    A CD2 @ 2.9 is good for handling games,if you play RTS games or games like GTA IV or Prototype you will benefit from a faster CPU but in most FPS games you will be fine
    But i would change your RAM first,2GB isn't enough.
  2. Uh, That CPU will not bottleneck the GPU unless a few chociue games are used.

    (Mirosoft Flight Simulator, GTA IV, Etc.)

    go for the 5850.
  3. i made a overclock till 3.6 GHz (maybe maximum is 3.7 but for this motherboard its kind of too much) and will this 3.6 GHz be ok with 5850 at 1920x1080 at full graphics?
  4. Sure, Even stock should be fine.
  5. Yes it will fine,also when the resolution goes up,most games become GPU limited,for example if you play a game at 1280x1024,then it may not use the full potential of your graphic card but the higher the resolutions goes,the more the games benefits from VGA
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