5.1 isnt working, only the sub

hey guys i know what each individual cord does but only my sub is working why is this? im not too sure where it all goes into the back but ive tried most every combination and before you ask no i do not have a manual.. thank you
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  1. What soundcard and speakers have you got? I presume in every combination of your setup only the subwoofer is working? If that's the case it sounds like it's either your speakers or your amplifier (generally located in your subwoofer) and the signal isn't being redirected through properly. I'd suggest trying a pair of headphones on each jack at the back of your soundcard (except the subwoofer channel) just to rule that out, and then try using the headphone jack on the 5.1 system too just to be sure, but I'd say it's not routing the sound through.
  2. creative inspire M5300, not 100% what soundcard it is, just the stock one i presume, yes only the sub is working i will try the headphone idea now and get back to you.
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