Is my OC working??

I have windows 8 and I modified the voltage to 1.34 and ratio to 35.0 which is 4.4ghz. I tested under prime 95 and all was well....but I'm confused because when I look at cpu-z or in my task manager at my cpu performance it is at around 3.4ghz with prime 95 running...yet my asus suite claims 4.4

How can I tell if it's on or not?

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  1. And also is there any way to get the OC working on bootup? WHen I was in my bios I tried to set the same settings but it crashes and won't even boot to windows...yet in windows when I set to 4.4ghz and run prime 95 everything works great.

    Realtemp shows 4.4ghz. Everything else shows a different number. I just ran unisoft heaven and it shows my cpu speed at 1.989 mhz
  2. You want to start with what you are overclocking? A cheese sandwich?
  3. ^ +1
    What ARE you trying to overclock ?
    Hahaha lol you shouldnt directly jump to high should do stability tests....
  4. Haha sorry...I'm overclocking my CPU i 7 3930k on an asus sabertooth mobo with 16gb ram.

    I figured 4.4ghz was a safe OC and I don't want to push it any higher.

    Now that that's said, would someone mind answering the questions!

  5. anyone?
  6. anyone?
  7. cheebamaster said:

    i7 3930k is a beast even without a overclock.

    I'm assuming you know somewhat of what you should be doing to be overclocking with high quality components such as those.

    Please provide the BIOS settings you are using such as voltages, CPU configuration (C-States), and any other settings that you've changed from default values.

    Furthermore, I don't think you need to overclock at all.
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