Will I have to purchase all new components again?

Hi I recently bought a new motherboard, CPU, hdd, dvd-rw, case and video card. and when i went to turn it on nothing happened, and i verified that everything was installed correctly and it was, but then i flicked the red switch and the psu blew. So i took my computer to a mates house, and we bench tested the motherboard to see if it was working and the green led was on but no fans would spin, I also tried to reset the bios i think by removing the battery and flipping it upside down as it says on the asus website but it didnt work either, and with the internal speaker plugged in i could not here anything. so I rang up where i bought it from and they said bring it in and we should be able to do a return. But i havn't had the time to go back yet. So i would like to post this info somewhere where i can get help, and i thought people on toms hardware are pretty helpful, however i dont know how to start a new thread, so please help.
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  1. BTW i have a:
    -Intel i5 760
    -Asus P7H55-M/USB3
    -Asus Radeon 5770 CUCORE
    -Corsair VX-450 PSU
    -4gb Kingston DDR3 1333mHz Ram
    -Samsung Spinpoint 1TB
    -Samsung DVD/RW
    -Thermaltake V4 Case

    just in case it doesnt come up on the side and also when installing all the components i was pretty sure i installed it all correctly with one hand on the case and the other doing the work, but i was speaking to another mate and he reckons i could have short circuited the mobo, because it wasn't placed in the case properly (no jumpers where applied or something) anyways it was resting on the grooves on the case for where the motherboard goes.
  2. yer hey thanks but i read the manual very carefully, when installing the motherboard. so today im just going to take it back and see what happens in shop. thanks anyway.
  3. If I'm reading your post correctly, you turned the PC on without it being on Standoff's?? If so, you could of shorted out your motherboard by doing so, which took out your PSU. It could be damaged now. Here is a thread to review for other troubleshooting tips... http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-read-posting-boot-problems
  4. are you sure all of the plugs are plugged into the right sockets? the ram all secure?
  5. hi yer i installed witout these standoff thing, btw are they those gold things??? anyways yer the mobo still works the shop tested it and everything is a ok.just need to get it built by a pro now.
  6. ok so my case only comes with two standoffs the other thing the mobo rests on are those riser things is that ok?
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  8. ok guys thanks all, i decided to go ahead and build it myself, so it powered on like its supposed to and i couldn't install windows from a dvd for some reason, so i created a windows 7 bootable usb, and now its all done, just need a dvi cable for my monitor. so thankyou all so much, i will try and return the favor sometime :)
  9. well everything that was suposed to it all works fine as far as i can see, it's really quik :) and now im installing some games to test at 1920x1080 and we'll go from there.
  10. thanks i will for sure :)
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