Whats better ati radeon hd 4350 or Nvidia GeForce 9600gt

i just bought a 512MB radeon 4350 to replace my 128MB GeForce 7500le but theres no big difference... how come?
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  1. Because the HD4350 is not a gaming graphics card. Return it, and get an HD5570/HD5670 for extremely improved performance.
  2. if you can get the 9800GT its great or even a 4850 would be a good card if you are gaming at 1280X1204

    make sure you have a certified 500W psu for great power supply
  3. There is a gigantic gap in performance between the 46xx series and 45xx and lower. Get a 4650. It will perform many times better than the 4350, and it's still only ~$50
    In case you're wondering the 9600gt is a great card too, better than the 4650 if I remember correctly. It won't disappoint either but the 4650 is the best for the money.
  4. cheers guys how do i find the W of my psu, im kinda new to this you see... i can get discounted cards so as long as these are less than £100 in britain i can get the 100 ones for nearly 30 so all's good :)
  5. also at the moment my screen is a 1024x768
  6. Get an HD5670. It'll max absolutely everything at your resolution, and it will work in any power supply with 250Watts or above.
  7. thans man you're being a great help, can u tell me if im right though... ths psu... its where you're main power cable goes in right... how do i change it over... iv got a 380W ready to go, any help at alls apreciated man :)
  8. Your PSU that's already inside should work just fine with a low-power card such as the HD5670.

    If you need to know how to change a PSU, follow these steps.

    Make a mental note, or draw a diagram of where all the cables from the PSU go.

    Unplug all cables from their respective sockets, making sure to not yank them.

    Unscrew PSU from back of case, take out.

    Insert new PSU, screw in

    Plug in the correct cables (the HD5670 does not require any connections other than being inserted into the PCI-E lane)

    Please make sure your cable arrangement is very tidy and clean. This small increase in airflow can make a worldly difference.
  9. If he wants AA which is very useful for such a small resolution then a 5670 will be worth it.
    However I still recommend a tier less, like a 4670/5570.
  10. i've salvaged a 380W PSU and changed it from the 240, it works fine... iv also changed a few other things... i dont know the names though, haha, its jus the big central fan it runs quiter and it seems the card is working better with an increased power input is that usual? and with a 380w whts the best card i can now run?
  11. Quote:
    hd 5670 or 5750!

    no need shout dude ;)
  12. whats the GeFrce GT240 like?
  13. joe3 said:
    whats the GeFrce GT240 like?

    It (GT240) is probably between the 4670 and 5670, more in the range of the 4670. Be careful though to get the version with DDR5 memory, not DDR3, even if the DDR5 is only 512 mb. It should work for your needs, but may be slightly too expensive for the performance it gives.
  14. whts the diff between ddr5 and3?
  15. Faster memory, lower processor. However, the HD5670 is much better at the same price.
  16. this will make me sound a complete ideot, but can you use a ddr1 and ddr2 RAM at the same time?
  17. As in the graphics card being DDR3 and the MOBO being DDR2 or what?

    Your motherboard supports one type of memory; anything else will not work.
  18. you realy are a life saver :) ta :)
  19. joe3, the brothers above have advised you well.

    i have a 4670.

    Return the 4350 IMMEDIATELY; the 9600 GT is worlds better than it ,and so are all the cards mentioned above, i.e. 4650, 4670, 5570, 5670.
    The GT240 is between the 5570 and the 5670.

    The 5670 is alot better than all the cards maentioned so far, except the 5750, which is alot better, but it's too much for:-
    1 - your monitor's resolution
    2 - your Power Supply
    3 - you budget

    The 5670 is perfect as:-
    1 - max any game you play at that resolution.
    2 - NO EXTERNAL POWER REQUIRED - it will draw all its power from the motherboard.
    3 - great performance for the price.

    Btw, which processor do u have?
  20. AMD athlon 64x2 4200+ AM2(940) socket, jus incase u want no tht aswell :)
  21. An HD5670 will go fine with that CPU.
  22. shadow187 said:
    An HD5670 will go fine with that CPU.

    i've put the order in for one :) with my discount im paying about £22 :) not bad hey?
  23. ARGH my guys been arrested for fiddling with stuff he shouldnt so the deals fell through... will a 380W psu power a card that needs 400w of power alryt or not... im thinkin what diff will 20w make?
  24. The HD5670 is extremely low-watt; it'll run just fine on a 380Watt PSU.
  25. im lookin at a 4650 that my mate has its a 1gb version he only wants 20 for it but it needs 400w will 380 b able manage or not?
  26. i also found that the 4770 is also low wattage
  27. You'd rather have a good upgrade if you're going to buy a card. The 4650 1Gb is a waste of money, and you'll find yourself wanting to upgrade in a few months.
  28. i dont care bout anything else... will it wirk with a 380 psu or not... im gonn try and use cross fire tech too run 2 cards at same time
  29. An HD4650 crossfire is weaker than a single HD5670.
  30. dont care i jus wanna no will it run a single... i no it will not run 2... i cant afford the 5670 anymore
  31. Yes the 4650 should run.
  32. thank you :)
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