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Hi, I'm looking to get a bluray combo drive for my PC, and am currently looking at LG.
I wish to play bluray and dvd movies, burn CD's & DVD's. what kind of read speeds do i need? is 8x enough for smooth playback? or should i go with 10x?
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    4x is plenty for smooth playback. LG would be a good choice too.
    Compare the features/performance of the DVD burner since they might matter to you the most.
  2. Thanks, i'm looking at

    second one looks better IMO, but is 8X
  3. DVD burner specs are the same. Either one will get the job done without a problem.

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  5. I'm assuming BD-RE is rewriteable, which would not include commercial Bluray movies?
  6. Yes. Like someone else might create and mail to you home movies on an re-writeable Blu-Ray.
    That's not saying this is a Blu-Ray burner only that it supports that RE media speed in reading.
  7. I guess i'll get which =ever i can find easiest then, thanks allot!
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