Where to plug in second fan for Hyper 212+

I am not sure this question goes in this category but it has something to do with home built computers. I am looking at getting a Cooler master Hyper 212+ and am planning on adding a second fan. Were would I attach the plug for the second one? I could get a 4 pin splitter but that splits the power in two, right? Or is it even necessary to add a second fan?
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  1. Unless you are going to try to massively overclock, you will not need a second fan.
  2. there will be a bracket that attaches to the heatsink part of the 212+. a 120mm fan can be screwed into it. Let me tell you, it is the absolute best bang for your buck you could have considered. Use a liberal amout of thermal paste in between the grooves of the heat pipes. when i mean liberal, i mean that to an experience system builder. NEVER USE TOO MUCH! This currently cools my phenom II x3 (unlocked to x4, 2.8 ghz) very well. 24-27c idle, havent seen it reach 40c under load (playing battlefield 2), but i would guess it has barely peaked and graised it atleast somepoint. Now that is ice cold. im currently encoding a movie with all 4 cores utilized, also writing this, and running background monitors and its sitting at 31c as i type this.
  3. second fans are great for there improoved cooling ability but up to you if you really want one.

    The splitter cables will not half the power because of the way they are wired up (in parallel). However this means that you will have double the current from one fan connector, so just check with your mobo manual that that socket can handle the current (in A or mA) that the fans will draw combined - so add them together. I would say it could handle it fine though. If all else fails, just plug it into a chassis fan connector that you can controll etc

    Hope this helps
  4. Get a very low-flow, quiet fan and have it running constantly at that speed. It should NOT be hooked up to the motherboard.

    The "main" CPU fan will be plugged into the motherboard CPU fan control. Done properly this main CPU fan would come on only when needed which would not be as often.

    I'm no expert but I'd probably put the "main" CPU fan so that it blows THROUGH the heatsink towards the rear of the case and the quiet, slow one at the rear. Both should be mounted on the heatsink.

    If you can't mount two fans on the heatsink then I'd still do the same basic setup but just mount the quiet fan on the rear of the case instead of the heatsink. The quiet fan would still force the hot air out the rear of the case it just wouldn't directly cool the CPU as much.

    Don't forget to adjust the BIOS if possible to control when the CPU fan starts and stops. If possible, it would make sense to have it spinning just a little at all times then scale proportionally to the increase in heat when used. If a heatsink is large enough you can sometimes get away with no fan spinning during basic usage. It depends partly on how flexible the BIOS setup for fan control is.
  5. Thanks guys. This is very helpful. I just got back from vacation and looked at my emails and didn't expect this many posts! Thanks again!
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