Recent CPU/video/sound issues

Hey there,

Since December I have had this computer I built and it's been running great! Just this last weekend though something happened and now it just crawls along. This is on windows 7.

17 920 processor
12gb Dominator Corsair Ram
ATI 5870 1gb graphics card
150gb velociraptor hard drive
EVGA E760 classified mobo

The computer recognizes all of this as working on my comp, however if I try and play music or play a game I can't get above 5 fps.

So what's going on is any time I turn it on the sound is extremely distorted, the video lags like a mother and my processor is on high usage even just at start up with nothing running. I have no extra tasks going (even after format same issue)

This happened after I took out my graphics card, ram, and other things to clean it and put it back. To resolve this problem I have re-seated everything, including the processor to make sure they are all good, the problem still persists... I have updated my video and sound drivers which does not fix the issue, I have reverted to a previous state on my drive before this happen and it still persists, I have even formatted and re-installed windows and it just keeps lagging for no reason I can see

So basically I've come to the assumption that it must be my hardware causing the issue. It really seems like the CPU might be the bad egg, however it always runs at about 40 C which is no where near an overheat / damaging temp. :(

I will post any information needed to get help, any ideas you all have would be great!
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  1. O and also, it could be a bad motherboard as well. If a new CPU doesn't do it, return the motherboard and try another. It can be a painstaking task to figure such matters out.
  2. Like you said, it is most likely a hardware issue. Chances are that it could be a bad CPU, GPU, or even a bad stick of RAM. If you have an extra GPU laying around, try that first to rule out the graphics card. If that isn't it, I'd return the CPU (it should have a three year warranty on it if you didn't lap it or anything) and go from there.
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