I want to turn off shared memory.

I got a FAT GTX295 graphics card with 1792 GDDR i dont need any shared memory, only my dedicated MUCH faster graphics RAM. I dont wish to have any shared memory, becose it must run at equal speeds as the shared ram. I dont want to slow my card down in any way. I just want to know how to disable "shared memory" period. Please just tell me how and dont any why's.
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  1. I do not have any onboard graphics either
  2. "shared system memory"...
  3. Im using Windows 7 Ultimate
  4. Is it even turned on? If you don't have integrated graphics it's likely not... But anyway you can do it through your BIOS. There should be some option somewhere in there. Check the manufacturer website.
  5. If it were not i had not begged for support. Ive played with computers since 1992. There are no way to disable it in my bios. I got the latest bios for Asus P5B
  6. "Shared System Memory, 1791"

    Quote (Microsoft): Shared system memory will usually have slower communication with the video hardware than dedicated video memory.
  7. You shouldn't have that issue but since you must be using crappy onboard in the past disable it in the bios and the GTX 295 will do all the work.
  8. I do not have any onboard memory. Its Windows 7 that allocate some of my 4 gig DDR2 if needed.
  9. I never buy crappy motherboards.
  10. Quote:
    I never buy crappy motherboards.

    So what mobo are you referring to insofar as this thread is concerned?
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