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Clock speed with speedstep all over the place-P8Z77 V Deluxe

February 15, 2013 8:26:55 AM

Hey all

Im running a 3770K on an asus P8Z77 V Deluxe.

With the first bios speedstep managed my clock idle @1.6 and it would jump straight to
whatever max clock I had set, ie 4400,4700 etc...and back to 1.6.

Now with all the bios versions since then it 'floats'...1600,1750,3000,3750,2200, all over the place etc.

This does not work for me. Is there any bios setting that allows it to idle down but would make it clock from 1.6 to max set clock that I choose. Some would say it doesnt matter, I really dont want to go there - me wants what me wants.

bios set to defaults with XMP enabled @2600-gskill.

Is Asus going for green here, less power or stability?