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Asked something on the same lines earlier I just bought a p5q pro turbo recently to replace a working P5QL Pro witch I sold to a friend for $60 with a C2D E6300 & 2 gigs ram I had Lying around from an old Dell so he can replace his old old old P4 finaly. Well back to the point the P5Q Pro Turbo which has two PCIe 16x cards but the second lane only has an 8X Link but if you use the second PCIe 16 slot then both switch to 8x regardless of being in crossfire mode or not. So I got an Asus U3S6 bridge card which is PCIe Version 2.0 4x bridge card so my question is can I get the PCIe lane #1 to use the extra 4 lanes that are not being used.

(In my opinion the BIOS should do this automatically but it doesn’t)

And if so how would this be achieved

Mobo(P5Q Pro Turbo)CPU(Q9650 not OC)Ram(8GB Kingston value Ram)GPU(MSI R4850 2D-1G-OC 700MHz GDDR4 1000MHz)
HDD(2 WD 500Gb black)(ASUS U3S6) Sata 6 one my next pay
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    No, but 8x is fine for all but the highest performance video cards. It certainly isn't an issue with a 4850.
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