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I seem to be having an issue with my graphics card. Noticed whilst playing WoW that the FPS had dropped considerably. Updated drivers and ran 3D Mark 06:
3DMark Score 1421 3DMarks
SM2.0 Score 510
HDR/SM3.0 Score 547
CPU Score 990

During the test my FPS results were poor:

GT1 - Return To Proxycon 3.762 FPS SM2.0 Graphics Tests
GT2 - Firefly Forest 4.742 FPS SM2.0 Graphics Tests
CPU1 - Red Valley 0.331 FPS CPU Tests
CPU2 - Red Valley 0.473 FPS CPU Tests
HDR1 - Canyon Flight 4.482 FPS HDR/SM3.0 Graphics Tests
HDR2 - Deep Freeze 6.454 FPS HDR/SM3.0 Graphics Tests

It an alienware M15x, less than 6 months old with an nvidia geforce gt 240m card.

Can anyone suggestion the route cause or possible solutions?
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  1. What driver version have you updated to?
  2. the cpu score is very low, make sure it's not overheating under load causing it to throttle down the cpu clocks to prevent burning the chip... (this will drag down the shader scores as well)
    download realtemp or coretemp or something similar to check the temps. clean the heatsink if possible and make sure it is getting air in there, fan is spinning etc...
  3. Thanks for the replies.

    Current driver for card is 195.62

    Further System info:
    OS Windows 7
    CPU Intel Core i7-720QM Processor
    CPU Speed 1596 MHz
    GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT 240M
    Memory 3072 MB

    Downloaded Real temp 3.40, and the temps didnt look too bad (55-60 C) under the max, but I'll take your advice and clean the heatsink. How do you go about adjusting/checking fan speeds?
  4. was that 55-60 during a 3dmark run or just sitting idle on the desktop?

    drivers are good, it was the 196.75 WHQL drivers that messed up the fan profiles...

    also GPU-Z will show tons of info about the craphics card (clocks, temps etc), download that as well
  5. Thanks for the tips guys, especially since this really isnt my area of expertise.

    Screen shot from GPU-Z:

    If it looks like my laptop is overheating and throttling down the CPU clocks what would be the best way to observe or reset it?
  6. I use Rivatuner and it's desktop gadget.
  7. There is a known issue with "mass market" laptops and the QM series of processors, such that we are seeing a dearth of versions with the 820/920 option "actually" available....many vendors list it on their web pages as an option but are not actually offering it for sale. In order to hit certain market niches, vendors strive for certain weight / size / price / battery life limits. PSU designs, cooling designs, etc are all impacted by these limitations.

    As was explained to me by one vendor, the "gaming" laptops are having both PSU and cooling issues with the QM based designs and hence many have stopped offering the 820 and 920 as options for both heat and power supply issues. The traditional gaming desktop replacement size laptops don't suffer from this as their larger copper heatsinks, fans, PSU's fit in the larger form factor cases and the weight is something boutique gaming laptop buys are used to and willing to deal with.

    All I can suggest is making sure to vacuum out your fan screens frequently, elevate the back of your laptop with an engineer's scale (see triangle shaped thing link below) or something else you have handy

    and perhaps keep a desktop fan blowing across your desk.
  8. You can buy an aftermarkfu laptop cooler ,
    maybe it's good option
  9. *aftermarket
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