Put WINDOWS,Program Files and Documents and Settings on disk D

I need to move: WINDOWS,Program Files and Documents and Settings from disk C to disk D
is there any way i can do that?
without damaging anything.
because i really need my disk C to be empty...so i can put something there.
There is enough room on disk D for the exchange.

i have like 43gb on disk C and 31gb on disk D total space.

Please help me.
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  1. Hello,

    Hmm not really. You could try uninstalling the programs and re-installing them on your D drive (most programs/apps have this option).

    There's some programs that can link your C drive to your D drive, however I highly go against using one of those programs. You could possibly do more harm than good.
  2. Chainzsaw is right, moving your windows data from one drive to the other will probably break everything, windows won't even boot after that, can't you just put your "something" on the D drive?

    If you can't because you don't have enough room, you might consider using something like "Partition Magic" to re-size your partitions, without losing your data (although it is risky and I've had issues with this kind of manipulations in the past, so backup your data before doing this). And that's only going to work if both partitions are on the same drive.

    Partition Magic isn't free but there might be alternatives, GParted comes to mind although I never used it.
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