Half-Life and Voodoo drivers problem?

I am the owner of a Voodoo 3 2000 and I have found that there is no way to play Half-Life in OpenGL mode using the 3Dfx MiniGL after installing the and patches. I have tried every single thing, installing another versions of the 3dfx drivers and MiniGL, installing the update and complete versions of the patches, reinstalling half-life, reinstalling windows, and there's no improvement. It worked fine with the original version 1.0. Thanks for answering. I know that I maybe shouldn't have posted this here but I that's the only way to find a solution because both Sierra/valve and 3Dfx have not answered my emails about the problem.
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  1. Um, Sierra Entertainment has been absorbed by Ubisoft, and 3dfx is defunct as they have been killed off by Nvidia and ATI. Anyway is there something you really want from the patches and after, if not I suggest you stick to the original.
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