Mherboard Virtualization option...

Do you guys know what benefit this carries to enable the motherboard Virtualization in the BIOS? Pros cons?
I am currently running Win 7 x64 Ultimate
Gigabyte mobo.
AMD 965 quad core
4 gig ram and a cheap ATI 5570

I want to run Ubuntu in virtual mode just not sure if turning on the bios option would be of any benefit or even what it does.
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    Depends upon 'how' you set-up the "virtual mode" if it's Emulated then no difference if it's a 'real' VM then yes there's on advantage. Overall there's no real impact on your performance with it {Enabled} or {Disabled} in 'Windows.' However, I am sure there's some oddball bench to prove me wrong.

    {Real Virtualization}
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