How big of an SSD should I get to make windows faster?

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Do I need an SSD? What should I be looking for and are the cheaper ones crap?
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  1. Have you read the relevant articles, such as,3023.html,2956.html,3184-2.html

    My two cents: Do you need an SSD? No. Having one would make your computer boot faster and feel more responsive;it will not improve frame rates in games.

    How big: Somewhere between big enough to hold your OS and programs, and the largest that you can afford.

    Are the cheaper ones crap? Depends on who you ask. If you go by the Best for the Money article that I linked, you won't get burned.
  2. Thanks. So it will load windows faster only?
  3. It will load Windows faster, load apps faster, and in some cases appear to respond to commands faster. These are things that depend on reading code for your installed programs. It won't improve anything that is dependent on your CPU, your graphics card, your memory, or any other component. Only reads from and writes to the OS.
  4. Your OS will feel much faster. Windows will probably start in 45 seconds and opening programs will be much faster.
  5. How Big should I get? I'm learning so I don't want something to small.
  6. Min size is 60/64 Gigs, which I do not recommend.
    My Min recommended size is 80/90 Gig with the recommended size being 120/124 gigs.

    You have to remember that the "user" size is about 10 ->15% less than the advertized size. First you lose out because manuf use base 10 to count, Computers use Base 2 - Why begcause it make the drive SOUND larger (Same for HDDs) - marketing tool. ie a 60 gig dive is only about 56 Gigs. Second, as with HDDs you never want to fill them up. Basically very simular reason: HDDs need space so defrag can run, SSD - So Trim and Garbage collector can work their magic. So 60 quicky becomes agout 50 gigs.
  7. For Windows 7 64 bit installation a 100 GB is required.for 32-bit 64 is enough.I told this keepin in mind that u will keep ur AV,OS and some other important soft on them.As far as Brand is concerned most are good,while some xcellent.nothin as such is crap(atleast I don't think so)

    BTW u forgot to mention ur current config and the purpose of ur pc(HTPC,gaming,3D or educative purpose).
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