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I have an older MB - a GA-965P-DS ver 2 motherboard. Now I gather I can use a PCI Express version 2 X16 on my MB. I am unable to access my one computer because of a glitch in the nVidia drivers after a recent Vista 64 download. I lost my laptop the same way {Go5650} after XP service pack 3- so I do NOT want another nVidia card.

Currently I have BFG 7900 GS. I do play a lot of games - WoW, strategy and adventure games, but my partner likes FPS. I don't want to spend more than about 150 bucks (CAD) including shipping taxes for a card. I don't want to upgrade my rigs yet and when I do it will be cutting edge stuff :).

I have been looking at the ATI 4870 and 5770 - but they retail for about the same and are over 160 CAD before taxes - so out of my budget .

PSU is not an issue - it's either 800 or 850 W. C2D E4300 and 3GB RAM on one, and 4GB RAM on the other.

I am sure any card would be an improvement on my current one :D. Any words of wisdom?

Thanks for any feedback.

I forgot to add that I run my screen in 1920 X 1080.
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