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Hello. Iam a beginner in OC'ing and i need some help to OC my cpu. Im trying to OC my 3770k to 4.5 ghz with a asus p8z77-v motherboard. I think i found the cpu sweet spot using manual voltage. Its stable at fixed 1.255 at 4.5 ghz. So what i want to do is use the offset feature so that the cpu will drop its voltages while idle. If i leave it to offset and auto my voltages go up something like 1.37-1.4 volts. So im wondering if i can use offset but have 1.255 as a limit. I tried using offset with -sign. The value range from 0.005 to 0.65. Cant get it to boot with -0.065. If i use just 0.005 it doesnt do much on the voltages. Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. what is you default voltage add that much offset to achieve 1.255 you'll be fine then
  2. seems to hang around 1.05. So what will i need to do? If is auto it makes the cpu volts really high. i want to use offset instead of manual. But after experimenting for a few days i dont think its possible. Once i set it to offset with -sign the max - offset is 0.065 on the asus board meaning it will drop it down to 1.31-1.32 in theory. Or maybe iam not doing it right? Maybe my LLC set to ultra high adds too much voltage???
  3. In my case
    If the 4.5ghz is set to 1.200V
    All the rest is automatic
  4. URL of the video was to test the 4.5GHz now
  5. i have figured it out trial and error. Offset + 0.075 and medium LLC. rock solid playing crysis 3 :). Thanks guys
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