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Can onboard sound card supply digital out?

Hi. I am building a new computer around an Asus P6x58D motherboard. I have an old set of Boston speakers that are digital only. They won't take an analog signal. Does anyone know if I can configure the onboard sound card to output in digital, or am I going to have to buy an aftermarket card? If the aftermarket route, suggestions? My Boston setup is 2 fronts with a small sub, so I don't need complicated surround...

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. That doesn't really make sense, if they are the traditional "speaker wire" type speakers then you will have to buy aftermarket. If it is a standard headphone jack adapter coming from the speakers then you are fine.

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  2. As I remember it, they are standard headphone jacks. But if you have to set the audio card to output in digital, not analog. For example, on my current computer, I can't alter that setting. The audio card changes the signal from digital to analog before sending it to the jack. And these speakers have to have the signal in digital. What I am wondering is if someone who has the board can take a peek in the audio manager and see if they can switch the speaker port from analog to digital output.

    If you search the net for 'boston acoustics speakers no sound' you can find discussions of this problem.

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    Does your motherboard have optical TOSLINK (S/PDIF) out or digital coaxial out jack ? If so, yes you can output digital signals.

    I just checked the manual P6X58D-E and it has both optical and coaxial digital output. All you need is a good quality cable long enough to connect your PC to the speakers.
  4. Thanks Suat!
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