Windows 7 wont read new hard drive on new system build

So i just finished my first system build everything booted fine at first. BIOS shows everything my 4 gigs of ram, i5 750 processor, hard drive ect. ect. But when i finally try to load windows 7 onto my computer i get to the option where it says choose a device to install it on. My hard drive is a Western Digital SATA 320 gb (WD3200AAKS caviar blue). and my mother boards is a gigabyte p55a-ud4p. Is this a driver issue, if so my HD did not come with any CD is there another way to update it? Or is it something else? Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Hook your hard drive up to the other controller ... (different color SATA port).

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  2. Please Report !

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  3. sorry took me a while to get back to this post. It was a hard drive problem it seems i was not the only person on these forums to have this problem. So when i bought a new hard drive, which was the same exact one as the one i said above and tried to reboot windows it read the new drive immediatly. And then i could format the original one in windows and that now functions properly. I am not sure if this happens to just WD or if there are more. But thanks for the help all SATA ports are working checked them all as well.
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    Well, if it works ... IT WORKS !

    So ... "Rub two chicken-bones together and click your heels 3 times ?"

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  6. you earn best answer for the fact that is what i did. but after the heal click you gotta do a jive dance to ensure that it works.
  7. Enter the term "jive dance" into the [command box] on this page ... wait 5 secs.
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