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Yesterday I noticed that when I pressed the power button on my computer (see specs below) it ran the fans but turned off within a second with no noise. However, the computer was able to turn on with no issues the second time around.

Today, when I pressed the power button the computer runs the fans and but the computer shuts off within a second and continues the whole cycle non stop until I unplug it.

I put in my old PSU to see if its the PSU related issue but the computer beeped this time but acted exactly like it did with the original PSU. Upon connecting the original PSU the computer's issues did not change but now it just makes a loud beep and shuts off within a second. I also noticed some off looking capacitors on the mother board so Im thinking it may be the mother board issue. Do you guys have any ideas? Any tips would be appreciated.

Pentium D 3.4
8800GT GPU
750Watt Corsair PSU
MSI mother board ( I cant remember the model but its an older one from like 2005)
4 GB DDRII Corsair RAM
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  1. Have you done any changes to the default BIOS setup.?
  2. No I have not touched the BIOS since a year or so ago. This problem came out of the blue.
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