Empire Earth Display Problems

I installed Empire Earth Gold Edition on my new computer and the intro videos plays fine but when I reach the main menu theres no text and the mouse pointer lags and leaves a shadow of itself. If you start a game the game plays fine but still it has no text anywhere.

My system
Phenom 2 X2 3.6Ghz
Biostar A770E updated to most recent Bios
4GB Ram
XFX 5770 Graphics Card Updated to most recent drivers
Windows 7 Ultimate
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  1. Best if you email the support team of the game publisher. Most of us here wouldn't know of the problem unless we experienced it ourselves. And Empire Earth being very old now, unless someone else has the same nostalgic feeling you're having, you'd probably have better luck elsewhere.

    On another note, from my experience of playing old games on new rigs just to see how they work out, some old games just die on newer machines and OSes (I see you're on Windows 7). You might have to run a virtual machine running XP or get a dual boot system just to play the game. First thing is to try Compatibility Mode. If that doesn't work then there's a chance it might not work on Windows 7.
  2. I already tried windows compatibilty mode no luck
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