Can a dell rated for 533 mhz memory use memory rated at 667 mhz

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    I never answer a RAM question without first checking against your PC or MOBO. Since you have a Dell please post the EXACT model. In either case do not mix-match RAM speeds if you're adding 'more' RAM -- it will only operate at the Slowest/Worst of each set and often causes more problems -- like the BIOS shutting down conflicting RAM.
  2. ^ DUDE, how do you keep going with a straight head?

    I'm stumped at the number of people with ram problems, cos of mismatched rams and frequencies...I was on another post turns out OS install fails cos of non-QVL-supported modules.
  3. In most cases it will work, i have come across one case where faster memory did not work because it was a laptop that did not feed quite enough voltage. I spd flashed those sticks from ddr400 down to 333 and they have worked ever since.

    As said, it is not always recommended, but i have actually had very good luck mix and matching over the years.
  4. Example - solve the speed and will it be problem free?
    667 5-6-5-20 @ 1.5v
    533 4-5-4-20 @ 1.8v

    Memory is a 'finicky bitch' and needs to be handled 'right' -- my version is 'Do to Right...' ...can mixing and matching work -> yes, is it smart no.

    BTW - Worst, in this example, Dell is a PITA and locks-down the BIOS to properly set all values. :??:
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