Must I adjust timings?

I have a phenom ii x4 940 coming soon and I read before I overclock it to set the timing/voltage manually. But with everything set on "Auto" The ram timings in CPU-Z are already showing at the correct timing. So does that mean I can leave it on auto? The ram is Adata.
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  1. As long as it shows correct settings,there is no need to change anything.
  2. If your RAM 'is' DDR2 800 MHz 5-5-5-18-2T then you're fine. Your MOBO architecture probably will 'bottleneck' your new CPU.
  3. The mobo is a biostar 790gx a2+. you sure a bottleneck would occur? Im just looking to squeese 3.5ghz out of it, xigmatek balder cooler
  4. Will the AM2+ MOBO with AMD 790GX / SB750 chipset bottleneck the Phenom II x4 940 3.0 GHz CPU AM2+ and paired with slow DDR2 RAM; yes...the question is "how much"? I noticed you play WoW so it won't be by too much and it depends on what GPU you're using.
  5. Ahh i see. I got a hd 4850 card. You still think i should go ahead and oc the cpu anyway? I guess ill upgrade to some baller ram soon
  6. There's no simple answer than to say 'Balance' is what's all about; matching comparable components to 'each other' -> Fast MOBO <=> CPU <=> GPU <=> RAM.
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