Wireless Network Installation for a hotel.

Hi everyone. I want to ask a few questions about acces point.completely wireless internet connection, 20-story hotel it is possible? if it is possible, which way do you suggest. and What products should i use. also i have another questions, if i use around 80 access point with repating mode, there is any problem for performance ?

your suggestions importnant for me. thanks...
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  1. this is just my opinion. an access point ranges up to 100ft(30meters) so i suggest to lessen the 80. Besides you can also avail those new wide range product for an access point. 20 is enough or lower..
  2. I'd also suggest using client isolation. That way customers' Internet will be more private - not allowing a mischievous individual to snoop on them. Use either WPA/WPA2, even if the key is publicly available each will use a different PMK to communicate with the AP (but some customers' equipment may not support this and WEP doesn't provide privacy on the WLAN). Also, dd-wrt, a third party (And free!) firmware supports client isolation, among other things, and supports a wide variety of router/AP devices....

    I'd follow jupey's suggestion and get enough WRT54G's and load them all with dd-wrt.

    EDIT: dd-wrt also support WDS for the wrt54g, so you could "mesh" them all together throughout the hotel.
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