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I have a hard time booting up my computer. Its running on Xp Home Edition. The problem is as though it does not see the hard disk(500gb Western Digital)sometimes in which it than says cannot boot operating system. To get it to work i would have to keep trying, sometimes unplugging the sata cable/power etc.
What is the problem???
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  1. are all the sata drivers installed? sata is not natively supported by xp...
  2. ???
    My OS is on it, plus it worked before but lately i have to keep restarting until it finds it
    I checked the bios in boot priority, it does not show my 500gb HD
  3. check the hard drive's smart status. there is plenty of free software that will do this for you (speedfan, hd tune, etc.)
  4. There mainly 2 causes to the problem.
    I draw to this conclution after reading
    "I checked the bios in boot priority, it does not show my 500gb HD " which means your HDD could be recognize by the mobo/BIOS it doesn't matter if it happens either sometime or permanent.
    Those are :
    1. Physical problems such as damaged cable, damaged SATA plugs.
    2. Broken mobo or broken HDD.
    Try to connect the HDD to another system or try to connect another SATA HDD to your mobo, with new cables. See what happen.
  5. This does sound like hardware, but how old is your mobo? Check your CMOS battery; maybe it's "forgetting" which device is the boot device.
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