Raidmax 630w PSU- is it any good?

I'm building a new computer and need a power supply. This seems like a decent one but I dont know much about them. It has more then enough watts to power my computer.

Specs: Athlon ii x4 635
Asus CuCore 5770
Asus 785g mobo
Rosewill destroyer case
Samsung spinpoint f3 500gb
4gb OCZ ddr3 1600mhz
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  1. Buying a raidmax PSU is a mortal sin. Get a good PSU that tells you the available power on its 12V rails and not just the combined total power. Something like the corsair 550VX would be plenty for your system, and is far higher quality than the raidmax unit. Raidmax PSU's have a reputation as cheap power supplies that turn into expensive firecrackers and kill systems.
  2. Oh, alright. I would rather not put a bomb in my computer so ill stick with the corsair.
  3. I had a Raidmax Volcano once because I thought the same thing. Seemed decent. Lasted about 4 months and died.
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