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Dual channel/triple channel compatability?

I have 2gb kingston 1333mhz and 2x1gb kingston 1333mhz with the same specs.

Can i make a dual channel set with these? my motherboard is Intel x58so extreme.

Or is it possible to activate triple channel using my sticks?

Thanks and much apppreciated.
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  1. In a word NO! If that's the Intel DX58SO then it has a very oddball single Tri Channel + 1. You want: 1. Tri Channel 'matched set' and if you want another +1 then buy a single RAM stick that has the EXACT Speed, CAS Timings, Voltage, and Type as the Tri Channel Set -- oh yeah -- Pray it works.

    If you have 'Planetary Alignment Luck!' then put the Dual Channel Kit in the Blue Slots furthest from the CPU { I believe it's organized BACKWARDS too...see manual} and the 'odd' RAM in the Black Slot. Very bastardized/Jerry-Rigged configuration - but do NOT put the 2GB in the same as the Dual.
  2. ok, i got your point. thanks

    uhm, how bout if I buy three of these

    Will it be now compatible for a triple channel? also considering these are the only available memory stick available in my area. Im in the Philippines btw.
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    In the same word NO! As I mentioned "Tri Channel 'matched set' " operative word MATCHED.

    Good Budget RAM Crucial ->
    {enable the [x] '3-piece kit' on the left side bar}

    "DIMM Banking: 4 (1 bank of 3), (1 bank of 2) or (1 bank of 1)"
  4. took your advice sir. Im getting the G.skill triple channel kit ddr3 1600. thanks!
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