Cooling/mobo suggestions for 3770k, 6TX670


I'm currently running a 3770k 3.5 oc'd to 4.2 and a EVGA GTX670 FTW (single fan) on an MSI Z77A-G45 mobo.

My primary use is Planetside2, ultra settings which is very CPU intensive and thus I need to overclock further. However, I'm already hitting temps of 65 and 79+ on the CPU and GPU respectively.

I'd like to OC the CPU further and would like cooling recommendations for both systems. Sometimes in Planetside, I get some texture problems I believe due to the heating up of the videocard.

Here are some questions I'd like to crowdsurf:
1) Should I consider replacing the mobo for something better to OC the i7?
2) I'm currently running stock fans on the chip. Any recommendations on a performance CPU cooler thats still fairly easy to install.
3) I have the GTX670 which seems to have less support than the 680, and it also has the weird 2 power cords stacked on top of each other. Any recs for an aftermarket cooler for that as well?

Pic of current setup:

If you would like more info, just let me know.

Thanks and I appreciate your advice!

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  1. Grab an extra 120 mm fan to blow directly on your graphics card attach it behind the card like on the back of the drive bay, depending on your case you can even mod the side panel to allow more airflow.
    Now for the CPU the I7 3770k is a hot chip like most Ivy Bridges, your going to need a Hyper Evo which can handle 4.5Ghz unless you have a very bad chip. If your budget allows you can grab the all time favorite Noctua NH-D14! Some god TIM should be used like the MX-4 or the stuff that the Noctua comes with is excellent as well!
  2. Thanks everyone for your insightful comments! Here is some of the additional info requested.

    Chip - i-3770k 2224B184 (Costa Rica, 2012, 24 week of production, B?, 184 lot number)

    Results of prime95 resulted in core temps between 85-88 deg C. The test was conducted at 4.2 ghz (oc'd from 3.5). *Note that the first time I ran this test, it ran for about 12 minutes and then generated the blue screen of death.

    I'm currently running core voltage at 1.192 (see screenshot below).
    Pic of complete settings:

    I'm using stock coolers for everything, :(, but coachable on h ow best to proceed.

    The reason I was concerned about my GPU temp was when playing planetside2, at the higher temps I would see the graphics texture errors that would go away as the temperature decreased a couple degrees.

    OCCT Results snapshot here:

    Thanks again.
  3. Keep it simple and get a212 evo for the cpu and another fan near the gpu as previously stated. Might not help much on the gpu since its a reference cooler (i had no luck) but worth a shot.
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