Did i install this heat sink right?

I just finished building my first computer, it has a i7-860 and a hyper 212+ cool. the only thing is, i watched alot of videos online on applying thermal paste, when i was installing mine though, it felt kinda dry and didnt spread well on the cpu. It kept peeling off on the card i was using to spread it. So i just finished a installed winodws then ran speedfan which reported temps of 24-28 C when idle, and would jump to 50C when ~20% cpu is being used. So i decided to run prime95 and within 30secs- 1 min, speedfan reported temps around 70C. I dont think i should be getting these high temperatures. Any thoughs, should i get some better thermal paste?
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  1. 24* when idle sounds right, prime 95 loads the cpu to an ammount that the cpu will never actually reach, even under video encoding, sounds like you did well
  2. Sorry to bring this thread back, but i wasnt too happy with my results still so i bought the 2nd 120mm fan for my hyper 212+ and redid the thermal paste using the 2 line method and just letting it spread under the weight of the heatsink. Now when i run prime 95 it starts with 53* and tops around 57*, which is better. Would these temperatures leave me some good room for overclocking now?

    If yes, could someone point me in the direction of a good guide to ocing this cpu. I looked at alot of guides but some are really generic and dont explain everything step by step.

    Thanks for all the help.
  3. If the chip previously ran at over 70c, and now maxes at 57c, that should leave a fair bit of room for OC. This says that you should try to keep it under 72-75c, and has some basic OC info on your chip:

  4. I think 70'C is too high for cpu, but 57'C is acceptable.
    okay now try OC it a little and see what temps do you get...
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