Will this overclock?

will I5 3570 and ASrock H77 pro4 mvp overclock at all?
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    H77= This is a scaled-back chipset option, suitable when overclocking and multiple video cards are not needed.

    You are looking for a Z77 board if you want to overclock.
    Is the cpu an i5 3570 or an i5 3570k?
    Because The only real benefit of the "K" version is that the multiplier can go higher than the stock turbo multiplier (it can go above 38). So if you were to overclock the non-K 3570 on a Z77, then all you would be able to do is increase the BCLK. If you want to overclock get the "K" version and a Z77 board.
  2. Its an i5 3570k. Can i still use the H77 for overclocking? I want to overclock, but its not a major thing.
  3. H77=no overclock. Sorry man.
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