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Hello, I have a Dell Studio 540, I am looking for a replacement PSU for it. I recently purchased a Corsair TX 750W as an upgrade, I was told it would be compatible with my Dell, however my dell requires a P2 connector and out of all the many connectors the Corsair had , it didnt have this P2 connector. Any reccomendations which corsair I could use for my puter?
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  1. P2 connector ?
    Do you mean 4 pin ATX ?
    You break the 4+4 connector in two, it's designed that way.
  2. I guess thats what its called it just says P2 on the connector inside the Dell. this is my first time replacing a PSU so not sure of the correct terminology

    The Corsair I purchased has ALOT more connections than I currently have Im sure its overkill for me Thanks for the reply
  3. p2 is not the kind of cable. just look at all the cable ends each one has a number on it starting at 1...some psus do it. please upload a picture of this mystery connector...
  4. Ok i just realized from the info delluser1 explained. I didnt know that 20pin connector came apart. Ok I think that resolves my issue. Thank you both for your rapid responses.
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  6. Thanks delluser1 for that link that also helps alot I will save that for reference
  7. Thanks jtt283 for clarifying that I didnt know they came apart. as I stated this is my 1st PSU replacement thanks for your help its much appreciated!
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