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What type of applications benefit from 1333MHz to 2000MHz Jump.

i have looked at charts in the forums about how most applications see less than a 2% gain. my question is what aspects of a program or type of programing could benefit more?

I am a programmer and feel this is an important bit of data. I am currently learning aspects of multi treaded programing and wondered if heavily treaded programs would benefit more.

If available please cite or show numerical data along with any general information.
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    Game & Rendering Apps. Office Apps too but not so much of an impact.

    My programmers, and I {PHP + SQL} run VERY - VERY large databases for testing -- a 3-4 hour 'flattening' is reduced by 20+ minutes {1333 vs 1600}. The 'Speed' is a function of the Quality of the RAM IC's used and CAS {but only tight CAS 8-8-8 NOT 7-9-7}.
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    Programs that spend a greater percentage of their time requesting data and waiting for it will benefit from higher memory speeds than programs that spend on a smaller percentage on memory access instead using a larger percentage of time for computations or device access. If your doing something where Hard Drive Access or something else is the limiting factor then memory speed is not as much of a factor.
  3. i should add that i have a tendency to Map my ram to run virtual machines off of. i dont know much about Sun Microsystems VMbox programing but if it would help ramdrive's that would be usefull information also
  4. ^ It's all about the load, money and time; in my case I prioritize time and work from that point. If I had too choose between more RAM or less faster RAM 'as you've described' then more RAM wins.
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