*Sigh* Computer did not start...

I bought an ASRock DDR 3 1600MHz AM3 motherboard, Athlon II X3, 2 gigs of ram and an HD 4670 Radeon card.

I hooked everything together and the darn computer won't start; here's what happens:

-All fans blow and lights light up
-Monitor doesn't even get a signal from the video card; video card fan and LED light is active
-Hard drive doesn't even function(I know it works because I tried it on my other computer)
-DVD has no power (I know it works)
-USB works; photo card reader has power
-PSU wires are still good. I reconnected them to fans and they are sending electricity.

I do have one speculation: I have an old 350 Watt PSU and I'm thinking it failed to power everything.

Other than that, I'm totally lost. I hope It's not DOA; it's such a hassle to request, get RMA, send with own money, wait, wait some more, then get it again.


Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Eak Eak, 350W psu? what brand? That's probably the problem.

    Take out the video card and try it.
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    I would start with this link it has been know to fix a lot of problems
  3. . . . ahem . . . I, also, "would start with this link" . . . (hint-hint) . . . [...] o-problems

    = Al = It works ... give it the ol' college try !
  4. Niklas_13 said:
    I would start with this link it has been know to fix a lot of problems

    Ok, I'm trying out solution Number 1: 4-pin connector.

    Do I have to plug in the 20-pin AND the 4-pin connector? Or just the 4-pin? I'm just a little confused on that part.
  5. Definately both
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