Asus M3N78-VM / AMD Phenom 555 / hybrid sli

Hey guys.

I just upgraded my cpu today. I updated the mobo's bios first(to be able to use the 555 proc), my machine worked fine. So I proceeded to swap my old 6000+ for the new cpu.

My problem is this: as soon as I changed the bios setting to boot with the onboard gpu enabled, because I want to run my 4 monitors on my computer w/ hybrid sli, my system just wont boot. Blank screen. No bios access, no nothing. I have to reset my bios via the jumper on the motherboard to get 'er going again. I can only use my computer via my nvidia 8500GT pcie. Only 2 monitors, boooooooo.

I can change all my other bios settings, ram speed, suspend mode, boot sequence etc etc and the computer works and boots fine, with only 2 monitors.

I just can't get the computer to boot with hybrid sli enabled.

You brains out there got any ideas? My computer was peeky-boo perfect before I swapped the CPUs.

And swapping my proc back will suck as I run a water cooler and I have to completely rip apart my case to do so... the drawback of the Nzxt Rogue case is that it's awkward to mess around with!!! I want to keep my new Black555 as I also spent 150bucks for 1066mhz ddr2 ram.

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  1. You are able to use Hybrid_SLI with your old processor?

    So BIOS upgrade killed hybrid?
  2. My computer worked A1. Hybrid sli and all. Then I upgraded the bios(to support new cpu). Machine worked 100%, with sli.

    I then swapped the cpu from the 6000+ to the 555.

    Everything works A1 EXCEPT when I enable the onboard video. As soon as I make it choose the onboard gpu(to then do the sli switch in the bios), the machine doesnt boot work do nothing. Black screen. No beeps. No nothing.

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