Picking water cooling parts help!

Hi, all of you..
I want to get water cooling custom loop..
I read how they work.. watched tons of videos..etc
so I know how to install them .. and what I need to make sure of..

but when it comes to parts picking I am bad.
I have $300 usd to spend or so:

this is my specs

Case: CM HAF X
CPU: Intel I7 3930K
GPU: 1x 7970 ATI
PSU: corsair AX1200watt
RAM: 4x4GB @ 2400
Motherboard: Asus x79 Sabertooth

I know that the HAF X can fit 360mm radiator up top.. but I need to remove some bays.. to fit all things inside.. I have no problems with that.

ALSO, I am a Video guys.. that encode lots of videos.. from C4D - After effect.. h264..etc
so I am planning to OC the CPU only.. so I will water cool only that I guess.. no need for GPU too since I don't play games so often.

Again: what I need is picking up all the parts.. from Radiator to tubing and fittings.
Thank you.
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  1. I'l assume you have read the sticky at the top of the forum. If you haven't I suggest you do.

    So your after just a CPU loop, GPU isnt to be included. Thats easily possible within your budget.
    The easy solution would be to get an XSPC kit, that will come with everything you need except Distilled water and some Anti-Microbial solution. On you budget you could afford one of the D5 kits as well, better pump than the X20 750's.

    Or make a loop from scratch, have utter control over whats in the loop.

    Also have a look at my build log (in the sig), I also have water-cooled in my HAF-X and seeing how other have done it makes it easier to visualize how yours will go together. Will be updating fairly soon as well.
  2. yes, sir.. I saw the sticky at the top.
    also I checked yours before ^_^.
    I read a lot before posting this..
    hmm I am thinking of custom building .. so I can upgrade it by time if needed ^)^.
    So, can you help me picking up all the parts?
    or should I just go with D5 kits.. and can you link it to me?
    tho I am planning to get high OC like 4.6-4.8Ghz for the CPU if possible.
  3. Are you willing to mod your case?
    Because if not it will limit the thickness of the rad at the top, though TBH I think a triple rad will be plenty regardless of thickness

    The D5 kit option would be something like this.

    Though if you want to build your own loop from scratch.
    - Find a radiator that can deal with the TDP output of your CPU (after overclocking), probably with 1200RPM fans (any faster and its very loud). That will do for your rad requirements. I advise a slim one, motherboard clearance is an issue with thick rads in the HAF-X.
    - Pump, TBH this wont overly matter. The more common pumps (D5, DDC variants) are strong enough for basically anything. Of the two I advise on a D5 since by its design its cooled by the water going through it, while DDC are known for getting a bit hot.
    - Reservoir, purely aesthetic choice (except if its a DDC attachment). Get what you like the look of and will fit.
    - CPU Block, here its just research. Look up reviews and compare how different blocks perform. The XSPC Raystorm is fairly popular right now.
    - Tubing and Fittings, make sure their ID's (and OD is Compression fittings) match, and your all good.

    With the cooling you'l have on the CPU, temperature wont be the limiting factor to an overclock. Comes down to your overclocking knowledge and blind luck in getting a higher binned chip.
  4. guess I will go with the kit..
    do you think the RX360 .. with the 60mm thick radiator will fit in the HAF X?
  5. Recently helped someone who got an RX240 kit in a HAF-X, had to mod the case so he could offset the rad away from the motherboard so he could plug in the 4pin CPU cable.
    About halfway down this page.

    I hope I'm not coming off as unhelpful, its just that water-cooling is one of the places where we wont just give you a shopping list. Ask me all the questions you want about particular components and I'l answer as best I can, but I wont tell you outright what to get.
  6. No, you were so helpful.. and thank you for your time ^_^.
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