Help upgrade my computer

My computer contains:
EVGA Nforce 680I SLI MB Motherboard
D-Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz E6400 2M Cache 1066 MHz Processor
PSP 1 GB DDR2 Low Latency PC-6400 AW108 Memory: SlotA0 has 1024MB and Slot A1 has 1024MB
Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS 512

I am planning to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, and I would also like to increase my RAM. If the RAM I use is outdated which type of RAM should I ask to purchase when I go to the store? I would also like to get another hard drive to send fraps videos to. If the hard drive I have isn't that great then I think I should make this my secondary drive but if my hard drive is still decent then maybe I should just get a cheapy with decent space.

99% of my computer's use is for gaming. The problem is, I'm a good gamer and bad computer tech. It has been a little while and I'm worried my gear is starting to get outdated.

What do you think I should upgrade next and what would you upgrade to? Thank you for helping me upgrade my game machine.
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  1. you need to get DDR2 memory....either upgrade to 2 2GB sticks, or by 2 more 1 GB sticks
  2. Th best upgrade at the moment is to upgrade your RAM. Make it 3GB in total if you are using x86 Win7 or make it at least 4GB in total for x64 win7.

    The rest is still OK.
    One can never have enough HDD space, there is nothing wrong if you want to buy an extra one, but focus on upgrading your RAM first if you are in some kind of tight in budget.
  3. Please don't double post:

    Not terrible specs overall, but I'd go for RAM. If you're a gamer, you have to think of GPUs, though your CPU could bottleneck some of the high-end ones now.
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